Friday, December 19, 2014

Traci Bergo 20% Digital Citizenship

I have really struggled with this assignment, hence the late posting. I spent many hours searching for 'digital citizenship' in 'physical education'. The search results were not very helpful in that area. 

Most of my day is spent teaching adapted physical education, primarily to lower functioning students. Most are non-verbal or have limited communication abilities and are unable to access and use social media independently. Talking about digital citizenship with this population is not even possible!

I do have one section per day with typical students in my GOPE (girls only physical education) class. So I did this 20% assignment with them in mind. However, I'm still having difficulty coming up with ideas of how this applies to physical education. 

The PE department at EHS has a classroom set of FitBits. I just began using them with the students the end of November. Within the FitBit app, users are able to 'cheer', 'taunt' and 'message' friends that are FitBit users. I think this would be a logical place to start the digital citizenship conversation related to PE class. 

When I use the FitBits again next semester I plan to talk about the messaging being appropriate. I may have the students blog about the use of the FitBit and what they learn from the data they get from wearing it. But before doing that, I'll definitely discuss digital citizenship. Maybe I'll show a video and talk about what is acceptable when posting. 

I did find a PE teachers website that was helpful. This particular teacher likes to use technology in his PE classes. I like this lesson where he talked about digital citizenship:  I also like this graphic: I could show this to the students and have them comment or blog somehow on it. 

The more I write about this, the more clearer it becomes. As I told my own children when they started using social media, you need to use proper 'netiquette'. They shouldn't post anything they wouldn't want their grandmother to see or read. The old, not so familiar anymore, 'Golden Rule' certainly applies here. It's just a matter of getting the younger generations to believe in it and understand how serious poor digital citizenship can be for them. 

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