Friday, December 19, 2014

Allyson King 20% Project Collaborating for Cummunity

While completing my PLN with my students I made sure to model digital etiquette and safe use of technology and information. I had a discussion with my students about what information we should include on our form and what is appropriate information to ask from people that we may not know. I explained that because we wanted lots of people to take our survey, including people we do not know, it is best to not include any personal information about us, including our last names and school. In addition we should not ask for personal information from people taking our survey.
Recently I was asked to join a group of teachers that are piloting a moodle course so after break I will be starting it with my 5th graders. Over the first week of introducing this to my students I will be highlighting these three aspects of digital citizenship through these three videos from Teaching Digital Citizenship and the questions in the lesson guide.

The open ended nature of this assignment was a struggle for me especially because I see my students for such a short amount of time and we have not used a huge amount of technology outside of IXL and Xtramath.  The moodle course that I am going to be starting with my 5th graders assisted in giving me direction for this assignment.

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