Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anne Sateren Burow - 20% Project for the Collaborating for Community Course

20% Project Plan
For my 20% project, I wanted to set up clear online expectations and guidelines at the beginning of my course just as I do with in class behavior expectations.  I have been trying to use more online forums for reflection, student interaction, and community building but have not effectively communicated the guildelines for those environments which has resulted in these online activities not meeting my expectations. I thought the 20% project would be a good way to do that.

I would start by having students engage in a TodaysMeet conversation about the content of the previous class without any guidelines or expectations set up beforehand.  After the conversation has ended, I would bring up the conversation thread on the class projector and start a discussion with the class about the differences they notice in that conversation versus one we would have face to face in class. What do they notice about the tone of the conversation? Is it formal or informal? Are people taking it seriously or goofing around? Are the comments thoughtful, intelligent, relevant, academic? This would then lead to a conversation about classroom expectations whether you are physically in class or participating in a class-related online forum like moodle, padlet, Todaysmeet, etc. and the importance of your in class work as well as digital footprint as a student.

The next step would be to have students use Padlet to post what they believe would be three reasonable expectations for online citizenship.  They would be able to see their classmates posts and as a group we would create a Digital Citizen pledge (much like the course syllabus pledge) that all class members would sign and we would post in the room.

As the course continues and students begin to regularly use online discussion forums like moodle to interact with each other and the course content, the Digital Citizen pledge would be a continual reminder of the expectations.

Each week I would browse the resources provided to us on Digital Citizenship and found Common Sense Media to be the most helpful resource.  However, I had trouble knowing what to look for and felt at times that I was aimlessly wandering these resources without knowing exactly what I was looking for.  It wasn't until the face to face meeting when I was able to talk with other people about their ideas that I was able to get inspired and find some connections to my classes.

The open ended nature of this assignment was a challenge for me - I like the idea of the 20% project but had trouble getting excited about exploring the topic of Digital Citizenship. I think that was the biggest roadblock for me. I was also a bit unclear about the expectations of the assignment and had trouble getting started because I wasn't exactly sure what the end result was supposed to look like.

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