Monday, December 15, 2014

Anne Thompson 20% project for Collaborating for Community course

For this 20% project I focused on the digital citizenship skill of: 
"Students explore the concept that people can connect with one another through the internet,  They understand how the ability for people to communicate online can unite a community"
on the K-2 scope and sequence chart.  

How did you spend your time?

During PE the students participate in a warm-up activity every day.  Sometimes it is a digital warm up that we use the ipad to connect to a projector for all students to see and interact with.  At times I use an app or other times I use a youtube video of something I found online.  During one class a student asked how I found all these tools and if they were something they could access from home.  This prompted me to use this as my 20% which I spent a class with the students sharing how I found these resources and ways they could locate them as well.  In November I spent time talking about how I stay connected with other PE teachers online and ask questions on good ipad apps to try or videos to share with my class.  I shared with them how this helps me to be a better teacher to be able to share things I learn from my colleagues with them.  I then shared the apps I have found that they could download at home if they have access to an ipad to share with their families like I have shared with them. 

What did I learn?

Something that surprised me was how interested the students were in how I connect with other PE teachers outside of Creek Valley,  They were excited and interested to share the apps at home with their families.  What I do not know is how many actually did.

What resources did you find most valuable? 

I referred to the digital citizenship scope and sequence to find a learning target that I felt was appropriate to share with my 1st and 2nd grade students.

How did the open ended nature of this assignment mesh with your learning style?

This project was a big struggle for me.  I did not like how unstructured it felt as I am not even sure if the task I did met the expectations of the assignment.  I struggled on how to incorporate this digital citizenship piece without taking away too much class activity time from the students.  I can see this assignment being very valuable to a teacher who has students accessing technology more regularly than I do or with older students taking this topic in a different direction.  It was just a big struggle for me from the beginning.

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