Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Becky Jacobson 20% Digital Citizen Project

For my 20 percent time, I looked at creating a digital community in my classroom.  We connected our community building group project with our 20% time because we were all interested in trying out online community forums in our classes. Here are a few of the ways I have addressed digital citizenship in my classroom:

I have created an Instagram account for my class.  This is a way to build community in our class in a way that students connect already.  (See below for the top online communities students are a part of) I use this to share updates happening in our class and to post fun science-y pictures. It has been a great community building piece so far. It was also an opportunity to address digital citizenship as I introduced Instagram to my class. In order for students to follow me, the have to have their Instagram settings set as private. This felt like an authentic way to address privacy settings on social media in the context of our class.

Another way I explored digital citizenship in my classroom was to set up classroom expectations for online communities.  We first discussed what types of online communities we were a part of. Based on their answers, I created this wordle:
We then had a discussion about how online communities are similar and/or different than offline communities.  We held this discussion using Todays Meet.  

This provided an opportunity for the students to practice discussing in an online community. Using the thoughts from the today's meet discussion, we then came up with some norms to set as a class. We really wanted to build an online community where everyone felt safe to share. We created a pledge together as a class . The students then signed the pledge stating that they would uphold the expectations we set as a class together. Below is an example of one of my classes' pledges:

The students then completed one more practice online discussion that discussed what they were doing over Thanksgiving break.  This built trust between students and also allowed students to figure out how to use Moodle Forums.  My hope is to create a stronger online community in my classes.  This unit I will be implementing an online discussion topic.  I will also be trying out using KidBlog as way for my students to showcase what their doing for their Genius Hour projects.  

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