Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daoyu Liu 20%

 I choose the cyberbullying section to work with my students this year, because we are using ipad to communicate students in China who would like to talk to them in the U.S. 

I intervene the teaching with the health class for the anti-bully session. We started with several pictures with texts from ipad and students can read them on paper. Then, I asked students to think about what are some issues they saw on the conversation. Some of them found that some conversation were not very friendly. 

Then, teacher talked about cyberbully as one way of bullying in the digital world. Then, it goes back to what we learned in social study class on what is a legal and ethical citizen.

After this, teacher will start to ask students to think about how to reply in a calm way related to what we learned in Health about I message and other ways to calm down to reply.

Then, after we shared the idea, students will be introduced to the internet program that we will use in this semester. By using it, we can communicate with students from the other side of the world. They, help students to develop the understanding of global awareness. 

Next step for this lesson is to collaborate with teachers in China to work together talking about the global citizenship. We could have a writing session on this both in English and Chinese. Students could exchange ideas. We can also involve this into our writing session.

The time costs about half an hour. We will use different assignment than the English one. The resources are valuable for me and the teacher in China when we want to introduce this idea to our students. 

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