Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sara Speicher 20% Project | iPad Classroom Management Challenge - Earn a Badge!

Lately, I've noticed a cell phone creep in my classroom.  You've seen it - students are sneaking peeks at their phone, texting, taking photos, etc. when they shouldn't be. At the same time I've been spending a lot of time co-teaching in other teacher's' classrooms and I've seen students playing games on their iPads, students with their cell phones out, students not responding when the teacher asks students to correct behavior.  In other words, behavior that does not demonstrate good digital citizenship.  

As I was thinking about a 20% project, it occurred to me that teachers might need some new ideas and strategies to teach digital citizenship to their students and get better control over their classes.  And, they might need a little motivation, this time of year, to implement these strategies.  I came up with the iPad Classroom Management Challenge - Earn a Badge!

The Challenge:
I decided to select four strategies for teachers to implement in their classrooms the last week before winter break, when all classes need a little tighter classroom management.  The teachers

My first step was to select strategies to create the challenge. These are resources I used to select strategies to add to the challenge:
I selected the following strategies and made Google slides with directions:

I also created this form for the teachers to fill out at the end of the week:

Roll Out:

I sent this email to the staff:
It’s the week before winter break and all through the school, the creatures are stirring trying to be cool.

It’s a perfect time to try some new strategies to manage classroom behavior around iPads and cell phones. Take the Week Before for Break iPad Management Challenge! Your classes will run smoothly, your students will become better digital citizens, AND you can earn a ninja badge!  

Here’s how:
Click on this link and try one or two of the iPad classroom management strategies on the slides THIS WEEK .

Then fill out this form:

On Fri. Sara and Ben will issue you a badge if you’ve completed the challenge and filled out the form.

Have fun!

The Badge:
Teachers who complete the challenge and fill out the form will get this badge to put on their computer or cell phone.

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  1. I love this little activity.

    I like the variety of challenges and also the fact that you address the issue....phones. It is important to make that distinction and I think you did a good job of addressing it.