Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Digital Citizenship, Jennifer Heimlich, 20% Project

I am planning a philosophical chairs-style activity with my AVID seniors, where they will use some scenarios about digital etiquette and will have short discussions where they take two different perspectives on the situation.  We will then follow with a full class discussion.  We have also been talking about the importance of their digital footprint related to college admissions and potential internships and job opportunities in the future.  We have also discussed appropriate use of technology (phones, in particular) when in a formal situation, such as an interview or on the job.  I have found that in general, they really don’t know unless we teach them, that it’s inappropriate to take out their phone during an interview.  As for the second part of this, I teach World History, so I am always looking to provide as many experiences of cross-cultural understanding and learning as possible.  I have yet to engage professionally with others from around the world via technology—that’s something I need to consider in the future. 

I perused different materials and websites.  I found Orono High School’s video presentation on Digital Citizenship for parents very useful.  Here is the link:
I also liked the materials from Common Sense Media

I do not like open-ended assignments—I like clarity of direction and clear expectations, so something like this is a challenge for me. 

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