Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Linda Wareham 20% Project for the Collaboration for Community Course

My project was designed with Jen Legatt to introduce Hopkins North students to the concept of Digital Citizenship.  Every student at NJH will participate in this activity. 

The lesson will use this PearDeck presentation.  

The presentation will include
  • A review of the iPad User Agreement they signed in September.  
  • A class discussion of the iPad rules and a prioritizing activity
  • A short video about care for the iPad
  • A free response reflection of cyberbullying
  • A short video on Academic Honesty
  • An PSA about online safety and an introduction to and how you can limit your digital footprint
  • A cyberbullying quiz
  • An overview of the Digital Citizenship Spectrum. 
  • Downloading the student handbook onto their iPads 

Hopkins Junior Highs have 1:1 iPads which have been rolled out one grade level per year for the past three years.  Now that all grade levels have devices,  the district has determined that it's time to remind students about the importance of good digital citizenship in a consistent way.

I first met with Jen to discuss her vision.  She shared amazing resources with me and the first draft of a presentation.  I needed to do some learning about digital citizenship myself, so I started with the resources that Jen had shared.  Keeping in mind that the lesson needed to be 20-30 minutes, and was geared towards junior high students, I looked for intriguing activities, videos and links that would capture their attention and make an impact.

Jen suggested using PearDeck for the presentation, so I had the opportunity to learn how that tool.  PearDeck does not have formatting tools - they are designed for quick creation.  The presentation was created in Google and then uploaded into PearDeck.  One nice feature is that it is stored in my Apps account.  Another is that you can use one presentation with multiple classes without creating a new copy for each class.

The idea for this plan came easily as part of a discussion in my PLC.  This is one of our goals, and dovetailed quite nicely with this course.  The creation of this plan was more difficult.  I found myself second guessing what the goals of the activity were and it was difficult to design a lesson which would fit within the allotted time.  The presentation went through more than 10 iterations before this version, and I'll be money that it will change as we present it to each group.

Online Safety & Ethics - Hopkins Benchmarks and Supporting Resources
Raising Good Digital Citizens: Cybersafety Resources
IB MYP Academic Honest
Me & My Shadow 

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