Thursday, December 18, 2014

Robb Trenda - 20% Project

My 20% project deals with our iPad initiative in 6th grade.  Last year we decided to rollout the 7th grade iPads at the end of 6th grade to get them prepped and help students hit the ground running. This year we will do the same rollout toward the beginning of February, but I feel like we have a stronger plan. Part of last year's rollout felt rushed. But his year we are in a better place and will setup our 6th grade teachers for success.  Part of our new plan is to do the process in phases, as opposed to slamming them with content and ideas.

One idea that does stick out came from Ben Friesen, and I want to pursue it with all of the 6th grade teams.  An important part, and perhaps overlooked, part of any 1:1 initiative is the idea of Digital Citizenship and how to make sure that students use this device in a way that impacts learning.  Part of this falls on the teachers, but part of it rests in the hands of students. This is where my 20% project comes to life.

As an Elementary Digital Content Teacher for Hopkins, part my job to make sure the other 6th grade teachers feel confident when the devices arrive.  They have the training and the students have the training.  We want to help students see the power of this device, but also the responsibility.

This year, our hope is to involve the students directly in the process by developing their own iPad contract. The idea came from this blog. My favorite part of the post is this line: "There were many times last year where I wished I had something to pull out of my files and point to when a student wasn’t being responsible with their iPads. Thankfully I have this year to make changes!"

I feel the same way. But this year we can make changes.  That's why I'd like to create similar contracts with out 6th grade students.  However, we can't expect them to create a strong contract without a bit of guidance. Luckily we have some resources already developed in our Moodle #hopkinsonline. This is where kids can earn badges for successfully navigating through the challenges.  These badges deal with the importance of your digital footprint, how to be a responsible person online, and also the difference between a scholar and a thief.

In addition to having kids complete the badges, I'd like to provide teachers with some additional resources. One good place to start is BrainPop.  The videos under the Digital Citizenship category
are great and deal with many important subjects concerning digital citizenship.

With the resources already made, and the BrainPop videos (which kids love), I feel like we are in a great place to create student driven iPad contracts.  I am excited to get going!

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  1. Just thinking out loud...when we do this we should leave one or two of the app icons blank. When we are a couple weeks in we can import the image into notability and allow the kids to "amend" the contract and personalize it in the blank icons. It can be a built in workflow lesson. :) It seems like a no brainer that that this could be their lockscreen.