Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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I work with Edina's new teachers in our New Edina Teacher Training (NETT) class, and a potential growth area for us is Digital Citizenship.  I integrated the work below in the NETT Moodle course under Topic 11.

To our NETT Teachers:
Your assignment for the Digital Citizenship standard includes reading text from three different sources, reading the ISTE standards regarding digital citizenship, and then making a plan to demonstrate your proficiency with the unpack ISTE standard with your students.  All reflections are posted on your NETT Google Site.  Read the NETT Standards for Digital Citizenship.  
1.  Read: Understanding your online privacy:  a (really long) infographic.  For your post, share 5 things that surprised you about the information.  Number them 1-5.  What surprised you?  What were you expecting.  After everybody in your group has posted, read their posts and add one more surprise to you list (#6) about what surprised you and why.
2.  Watch 5 videos from Trend Micro - What's Your Story.  Of the 5 you watch, pick one that you think the members of your group should watch.  Post the link to the video you picked on your Google Site, and pose a priming question for the group members to answer in the comments section after the view the video.
3.  Open the link to Digital Life 102 Quiz - How's your digital trivia?  Download the Teaching Materials from the download link.  You will need to register to Download.  Please do so.  You will be using Common Sense content for other assignment as well.  Scroll to page 5 and take the quiz and score it yourself.  On your Google Site, describe the trivia that surprised you most and why.
4.  Open Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence.  Notice the various icons representing different aspects of digital citizenship.  Classroom lessons are developed and organized by grade level and unit.  Pick one lesson that you think best aligns with how your students use digital media in your class.  On your Google Site, describe
a.) when you will teach that lesson with your students this year.
b.) how the lesson aligns with a content standard.
  • How did you spend your time?  I spent lots of time learning about Digital Citizenship from Common Sense Media.  I previewed about 15 different activities from various grade levels and strands.  Next, I looked for digital media that would expose participants to information about the world of social media.  The goal was for each participant to learn and share.  Finally, I created some activities in the New Edina Teacher Training course to reflect what I learned.
  • What resources did you find most valuable?  Common Sense Media was the most valuable because of the variety of topics, variety of age levels, interesting videos, and engaging question prompts.
  • How did the open ended nature of this assignment mesh with your learning style?  Open ended projects are difficult for my learning style, but I do value them because of the extent to which they require synthesis and decision making.  It's a great example of standards based learning.  I need to show how I meet the standard and have lots of options about how to do so.

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