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Sherron Gaughan 20% Project - Collaborating for Community Course

Assignment #4 – Personal Inquiry Project - Digital Citizenship

The Edina elementary Media Specialists decided to do Digital Passport with 5th grade this year since each classroom has their own Chromebook cart. Digital Passport is an online program created by Common Sense Media. It is an interactive learning tool for grades three to five that teaches and tests the basics of digital safety, etiquette, and citizenship. Students learn foundational skills from online games and videos. Teachers are provided a guide for everything that Digital Passport has to offer: digital interactive games for students, a comprehensive teacher dashboard that includes student reporting, additional downloadable classroom materials and module guides.
I met with the 5th grade teachers and said I would take care of teaching digital citizenship during library class, they just need to give the students time in their classroom to complete the Digital Passport modules. I explained to the teachers that digital citizenship and understanding your digital footprint have become a life skill. Before even starting Digital Passport, I did a lesson for the 5th graders on the Edina Acceptable Use Policy. I reminded them that all students and staff have to follow this policy. I also made connections between digital citizenship and our Cornelia CARES values: Choose Safety, Assert Yourself, Respect People and Things, Empathize Always and Seek Self Control.

I decided to enhance the Digital Passport program with additional resources and activities. I used the Edina Digital Citizenship resource page, as well as searching on my own. I created  presentations for my interactive whiteboard using the teacher’s module guide that included: an Essential Question, Learning Overview and Objectives, and Key Vocabulary. I added videos for each module from BrainPop, Common Sense Media, Common Craft, Planet Nutshell, InCtrl, CyberBee and OnGuard Online. I have added Google lessons about searching, including how to be safe and appropriate. Even though there is an Internet filter at school, students see that I always have Safe Search on in Chrome. I will do a lesson on the use of online encyclopedias for safe content and easy citation. Later, I will do lessons on image searching and fair use. The discussions with students have been really good at all grade levels.
I also found digital citizenship resources for my Kindergarten to grade 4 students that were age appropriate such as BrainPop Jr., NetSmartz, Faux Paw, Planet Nutshell, Edutopia, and Mackin Via eBooks. I have been creating lessons for them as well. Here too, the connection is made between digital citizenship and our Cornelia CARES values. I also discussed digital citizenship with the use of Destiny Quest, our online library catalog. Students can login and make friend requests, book recommendations to friends, as well as post book reviews.
While working with the 5th grade teachers, I found time can be an issue. The students need enough time to finish the Digital Passport module, otherwise they do not get a score. Also, students need time to repeat a module if they do not achieve a 60% or above passing score. I email weekly progress reports to classroom teacher to keep everyone on task. This is our first year doing Digital Passport with 5th grade so we are building the plane while we are flying it!
In November, we had International Night at Cornelia. This was a perfect opportunity to promote cultural understanding and global awareness for the students. During library classes prior to this event, I had a cart full of books to share about different countries, world folktales, language dictionaries, world holiday celebrations, wonders of the world and food from other countries. We also looked at National Geographic for Kids Awesome Places videos and used Google Earth to visit some "Wonders of the World."
This assignment already fit in with my work as a media specialist. It was not an open ended project for me! I am looking forward to reading my classmates journey integrating digital citizenship.

Joining Twitter has really helped me expand my resources and connections to new people and organizations! I found Digital Citizenship Daily via Twitter

(Side note: I promoted Digital Citizenship Week (October 19-25) on my website and parent e-newsletter.)
Digital Passport Follow Up Lessons

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