Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Toni Schwartz - 20% Refleciton: Collaboration and Community with a Global Perspective

1) Community Building/Digital Citizenship (Introductory Lesson)
  • Students will reflect on the difference between communicating in an off-line (face to face) community vs. an on-line (virtual) community.  
  • Students will agree on, and sign a pledge which will be posted in the room
  • Students will participate in a community building forum (via Moodle)
  • Later, students will use the Forum in Moodle (or Schoology) to reply to an academic prompt.  They will also evaluate other students replies.
2) Who Can See What I Post?  
  • We will watch a short YouTube video called "Internet Danger - Everyone Knows Sarah".  
  • We will discuss the message in the video
  • Students will be invited to participate in our 8th grade Earth Science Instagram account.  
    • Students will only be allowed to participate (join) if they have their Instagram profile set to private.
  • Students will be encouraged to capture images related to science when they are not in school.  They will message me images, and I will post appropriate and interesting images.
3) More About Digital Citizenship - Posters
  • Given a list of BrainPop topics, students will choose 2 to watch (and summarize)
  • Students will be assigned a portion/chapter of the Wordpress information about Digital Citizenship   to read and understand.
  • Students will then meet in small groups to share what they learned (jig-saw).  Each group will be expected to create a poster/artifact that represents the most important things they learned.  Ideally, posters will be hung in the hall or shown as part of the daily announcements on the school monitors.
4) Other Resources

  • What is a Digital Footprint, and what does yours convey

  • What are the Consequences of Over-sharing on-line

5) Reflection:  At first I struggled with this assignment and worried that I wouldn't have a good idea. What actually happened was that I became interested in how students perceive their on-line presence.  We need to effectively teach middle-school students the impact of their on-line presence and that what they post on-line is building a digital resume that future employers and college admissions will likely look at.

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