Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tracey Beaverson - 20% Project

Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Media

I am teaching my 5th grade homeroom class about Digital Citizenship.  I am following the scope and sequence that Common Sense Media has laid out for grades 3-5.  I did skip the first group of lessons that focused on the Rings of Responsibility, Private and Personal Information, The Power of Words, The Key to Keywords, and Whose Is It Anyways because those topics were taught earlier in the year by my media specialist.  I did however have the students take the first assessment linked to these topics to make sure they had learned and remembered the material from earlier in the year.  The median score for my students was 86%.  Feeling satisfied that the students had learned and retained most of the information I moved on to the second part of the scope and sequence and focused on the Digital Citizenship Pledge.

After going through the presentation above the students worked in small groups brainstorming 2 more expectations that could be added to the Digital Citizen Pledge.  They came up with a bunch of ideas, we then voted and narrowed it down to: Think before you put anything online- make sure it is the truth and positive and Treat others (online) the way you want to be treated = The Golden Rule. The students and I then signed the pledge and discussed specific examples of what we can do or not do to follow the pledge.

The resources that I have found and used on Common Sense Media are great for my class.  I appreciate how the scope and sequence as well as the lesson plans and materials are laid out.  I was also able to find some quality videos to add to my lessons on Youtube which the kids loved and were able to relate to and learn from.  I enjoyed this open ended 20% project because I was able to tailor my lessons and activities to fit the needs of my students.  This format made it a genuine learning experience for me and my students.

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