Monday, May 25, 2015

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Using MasteryConnect as Physical Education Summative Assessment

Blog Reflection

Description of the project: 
Over the course of this class for my summative assessment project I have been spending time working in MasteryConnect.  First when I started I was wanting to figure out if this would be the best way to track student progress on Phy Ed standards over the course of the semester for 1st and 2nd grade students.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt this aligned with the formative and unit summative assessments I give students throughout the year.  I also felt this was a great visual to share with parents during conferences when reflecting on their child and where they are at within mastering the physical education benchmarks and standards.  I also spent time with my formative assessments and how they could link on a 4 point scale to MasteryConnect. 
Personal Page
Mastery Tracker

Standards linked to a class
Description of Physical Education standards addressed:
This assessment addresses all the physical education standards at some point throughout the year and shows what level of mastery students are in with each standard benchmark. 

Authentic Assessment:
This summative assessment tool is authentic because it allows the teacher to create a variety of summative unit assessment tools that students and the teacher can use to view a student performance whether a skill or behavior and then tie it to the greater yearly summative assessment of the Phy Ed standards.   

Reflection of Growth:
Throughout the technology cohort I have found myself becoming more comfortable with technology's role in the physical education world.  With tools like MasteryConnect I am finding more and more how to enhance the curriculum, give better feedback and better track student assessments without taking away the learning and activity time for students.  As we work on curriculum writing over the summer I look forward to writing common formative and summative assessments that can be scored and used within MasteryConnect which expands upon the work I have started during this class and throughout the tech cohort.  

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