Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daoyu Liu Summative Assessment Project

Classroom badges

QQ20150512-3.pngThe badge will be used for students’ listening and reading rewards. Then, students will create a book report around what they had listened. In this way, the teacher could encourage students to listen and read more books in the target language.
Because credly can not process Chinese, thus I can hard send out the badges in Chinese. Thus, I have to print it out for students and hung up on the wall of classroom.
Students will have a calendar to record their days of listening.

QQ20150512-2.pngI learned that giving students their badges is a good idea to motivate them in classroom. However, it relates to a lot of works. In addition, the badge does not support Chinese characters if it is electronical version. So, I can hardly have students create their own badges. This is a good start and later on I will try to have students to create and write on it in target language which might make it more challenging and fun.

Here is the badges that students will receive.

Here is the calendar for them to record how many days they had listened.

Here is the final rubric for their book report.

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