Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Josh Bettes

 For my Summative Project I decided to use class badges to promote several aspects that had been lacking in my classroom. The first area the badges addressed were my writing assignments specifically their MeBooks. Through class badges students were encouraged to pre write, self edit, peer edit, and finally a adult edit. By awarding these badges I have found students more motivated and the quality of assignments increase. In addition to awarding badges for academic work I created some to promote our sense of community within our classroom. The most effective badge to increase community has been RAK, random acts of kindness, I have noticed students going out of their way to be kind to each other.

Below I have notice the students value the badges and seem motivated. Based on the student feedback and classroom management, I am confident students have found the badges to be authentic.

I have found that the use of badges and technology to promote student editing/ building community has been very effective.  

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