Sunday, May 24, 2015

Robb Trenda - Summative Assessment Project

Summative Screencast

Description:  Instead of having the kids take a traditional final test for our probability unit, which is called "What Do You Expect, I had the kids use the app Educreations to do a screencast of a probability challenge that they created.  To get them used to the app, we had one full day of playtime to learn the ins and outs of Educreations.  They also solved a variety of probability challenges that I made.  These can be viewed in this Youtube playlist.

Then it was time for them to start planning and creating.  To help them plan, I created this template. I also made a video of what a final product might look like:

The goal for them was to show off their knowledge from the unit and, more specifically, the difference between theoretical probability and experimental probability.  Here are some student examples: Student Example 1Student Example 2Student Example 3

Standards Addressed Determine the sample space (set of possible outcomes) for a given experiment and determine which members of the sample space are related to certain events. Sample space may be determined by the use of tree diagrams, tables or pictorial representations Calculate experimental probabilities from experiments; represent them as percents, fractions and decimals between 0 and 1 inclusive. Use experimental probabilities to make predictions.

Authenticity & Personal Reflection:  I think the authenticity of this assignment lies within the voice of the student.  They also design their own experiment.  Hearing them explain their thinking goes way beyond what I could get from grading a typical test.  I really like hearing the students work their way through the problems and think it is good for their metacognition.  I didn't really give them full control of the process because each student needed to use Educreations and I also provided them with a planning template.  However, I think that was ok.  Especially because this was the first time trying it.  Looking back, I think the assessment was fairly successful.  Sure, there are things that I would change, and will change in the future, but I really like the idea of screencasting in math.  I think it allows kids to express themselves and I get a glimpse into how their mind operates.  After watching the videos, it was clear that I need to work more with them on how to compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.  They understand the differences between the two, but they can't quite take it to the next level and analyze the data in a meaningful way.  I will definitely continue to use Educreations, or a similar app, in the future for summative assessments.

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