Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Becky Jacobson: Summative Assessment - Vlogging on the Design Cycle

Solar Ovens and the Design Cycle

Project Overview:
For my summative assessment project, I am revamping how the students reflect on their solar oven designs.  Students were asked to record their entire design cycle by using iMovie or Explain Everything.  Students were given a week to make plans for their oven and learn about solar energy and functionality of solar ovens.  They were then given a second packet with directions to walk them through their design process.  During their designing, building and testing, students are required to take pictures or videos and talk through their process. Students are in the process of creating these projects so I do not have any final projects to showcase at this time. Below you will find a link to the direction sheet for students.

MN State Science Standards addressed: Men and women throughout the history of all cultures, including Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities, have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry. Science and engineering operate in the context of society and both influence and are influenced by this context. inquiry is a set of interrelated processes incorporating multiple approaches that are used to pose questions about the natural and engineered world and investigate phenomena. 

Authentic Assessment:
This project is authentic because it provides students an opportunity to work through the entire design cycle that engineers use including building prototypes, testing and re-designing, doing research and presenting a final product.  Students also research uses for solar ovens in the world and are required to cook something in their oven to ensure their oven is functional. 

Personal Reflection:
It is hard to write a final reflection on this project as I haven't seen the final products yet.  My hope is in revamping this project, the students will be held at a higher level of accountability.  By recording their design cycle for a summative project, the students will actually have to work through and make changes to their oven along the way. The project will also demonstrate the students understanding of how their oven works and their reflections to the design cycle.

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