Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Traci Bergo Summative Assessment Project

Project Description: 
For this assignment I created a project for students to assess their skills in an activity they enjoy or participate in regularly. The directions are to find a video clip of their favorite athlete or sports hero demonstrating a skill in their sport. The students then need to use the Coach's Eye app to record themselves performing the same skill as the athlete in video. They were then asked to use the apps tools to analyze their skill level to the sports hero's skill level; a short rubric completion is also part of this step. Then the student needs to research how they could improve their own performance of the skill and practice to improve the skill. They have to complete another video recording after some practice time and do a second analysis and rubric. 

The goal is to have the student see their skill level in a side by side comparison to an athlete that is very good at that skill or sport. Hopefully the students will improve their skills by self analysis, research and practice instead of just having someone explain the process to them. 


Standard Addressed: S2H3
Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance. Level 1 is to create a practice plan to improve performance for a self-selected skill. 

How this is Authentic: 
This seems like the basic definition of authentic assessment; perform the skill instead of telling how to perform the skill. This goes beyond just knowledge by requiring the student to figure out how to improve and then practice and (hopefully) show personal improvement. 

Personal Reflection: 
I have really enjoyed learning about all of these great new teaching tools available through technology. I have also been very frustrated by not being able to transfer that technology to the students I teach which is primarily Physical Education. We typically don't grade on performance level but I feel this is a good compromise. The student isn't graded on the perfect skill completion, but is graded on the process of how to improve. Coach's Eye is a great tool to use as a coach, I think it will be just as good to use in the classroom. 

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