Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kathryn Anderson Summative Assessment Project

Summative Assessment Project: The American Dream Comic Strip

Thorough Description of the project

Goal: Students will analyze different POVs on the attainment of the American Dream and demonstrate that analysis by creating a Comic Strip using Pixton.

Assignment: Create a Comic Strip illustrating an American trying to obtain the American Dream today. Your story will either end with an American having actualized the American Dream or NOT obtaining the American Dream. Your storyline must be based on the discussions we have had as a class, videos watched on the topic, and articles read on the pursuit of the American Dream today. (All can be found on Moodle>Introductory Unit>Project Expectations)

Rubric Pixton tutorial 

Standards Addressed

MN ELA Common Core Standard

Write arguments in social studies to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.

MN Social Studies Standards   Historical Thinking Skills

Historical inquiry is a process in which multiple sources and different kinds of historical evidence are analyzed to draw conclusions about how and why things happened in the past.

Description of how it is an Authentic Assessment
This assessment is authentic as it is asking students to reflect on what is believed to be the American Core Values and living experience today and its connections and experiences to past values and living experiences. It is also authentic in the way in which students are able to chooose a perspective to support, be creative in the way in which they demonstrate their understanding through designing a a comic strip. These strategies combine to make a more authentic project based assessment rather than a traditional test or writing assessment.

Personal Reflection

I took a graduate class several years ago that really challenged me to think differently about grading and reporting and authentic assessments. This class built on that initial class and really helped me explore project based assessments which is something I wanted to create more of in my 10th grade classes.

Additionally, this class has pushed me to really think and create rubrics for all summative assessments. It can be super simple or more detailed as the size and time commitment for the project increase. I hope that we have access to the Hopdina class moodle pages as for each class so far there has been a wealth of resources available to aid in the classroom. I would like to access to this as I continue to revamp units and assessments over the course of the next school year.

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